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    Different Personal Training Specialties

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Personal trainers help all kinds of people live healthier lifestyles and avoid common exercise mistakes. As a trainer, you may work with anyone from first timers in the gym to experienced athletes, depending on your specialization. You can become certified to work in one or many areas of personal training. Explore your options by considering working with some of the groups below.

    • Women: When women exercise, they are often less focused on building mass than men. Women tend to focus on building leaner muscle and increasing flexibility. Pregnant women benefit greatly from regular exercise, and they often require the assistance of a trainer because of their altered physical limitations.
    • Children: It’s never too early to develop a healthy lifestyle, and with the increasing rate of childhood obesity, the need for children to learn about exercise has never been higher.
    • Athletes: Even professional athletes require a trainer to keep them in peak condition for their performances. Sports training is much more rigorous than the average work out and usually specific to a particular sport. 
    • Recovering Patients: Once patients have completed physical therapy in a hospital, it is important for them to continue exercise to continue recovery and prevent future injury. Treating conditions such as spinal injury is aided by the use of regular, low impact exercise.

    No matter what kind of personal trainer you want to be, you need to be certified. The American Academy of Personal Training provides the education you need to become a personal trainer. We offer a variety of course plans that incorporate classroom time with hands-on learning to work with your scheduling needs. Contact us at our website or call (646) 213-2172 to learn more information. 

    How To Become a Personal Trainer

    Last updated 6 years ago

    As a personal trainer, you learn not only how to get yourself into great shape, but also how to help others lead a healthier lifestyle.

    This brief video explains the basics of how to become a personal trainer. To become certified, you must first choose a certification program that provides workshops and quality course material. We recommend the American Academy of Personal Training!  After enough training and CPR certification, you can then take the personal trainer exam to achieve your goal as a certified personal trainer.

    If you would like to learn more about personal training, then be sure to visit us at the American Academy of Personal Training online or call us at (646) 213-2172.

    Understanding the Responsibilities of a Personal Trainer

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Every job has a distinct set of responsibilities that must be followed, so not every occupational field shares similar duties. In fact, the skill sets needed by different jobs are often determined based on its obligations and responsibilities.

    A certified personal trainer certainly has unique responsibilities that are important for both the progress and safety of a client. Through personal training school, you will learn various methods on how to hone these unique qualities. Read the following for a brief explanation of these responsibilities.

    Before a personal trainer can help the client hit the gym, they must first learn about his or her client’s lifestyle to determine a fitness schedule. By learning about medical history, diet, and current exercise schedule, the certified personal trainer will thoroughly understand the health habits of a client.

    • A New Diet

    A certified fitness trainer must not only determine a workout routine for clients, but must also provide dietary advice. Trainers can achieve this by suggesting books or specific meals and foods that will further inform and motivate the client.

    Also, supplements and vitamins may be recommended to clients to help them reach their goals.

    • Be Ready

    Keep in mind that a personal trainer’s work hours are dependent on the free time of the client. A personal trainer must have a flexible schedule in order to meet with a client and also deal with cancellations and postponements.

    The American Academy of Personal Training will help you learn and master the duties and responsibilities of a certified personal trainer. If you would like to start training school or are interested in continuing your physical education, then we would be proud to help you earn your certification. Visit us online or call us at (646) 213-2172 for more information.

    Essential Skills for the Aspiring Personal Trainer

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Every job has its own unique benefits and perks. Of course, not every job appeals to everyone and specialized professions tend to attract people with similar interests and skill sets.

    To become a certified personal trainer, one must exemplify health-conscious interests and skills. When earning their fitness certification, students learn how to master the skills needed for a career as a personal trainer. The following is a brief explanation on just some of the skills that will benefit an aspiring personal trainer.

    • A Consistent, Healthy Life

    Of course, as a certified personal trainer, you will be a role model for your clients. Personal trainers don’t have to be body builders, but a healthy lifestyle is certainly a necessary skill for a successful personal trainer. Let your exercise habits and your physique set a good example. Having a healthy body requires hard work and dedication—even when you’re not on the job.

    • Adapt To New Clients

    Every client will want to enjoy the benefits of a healthy body and lifestyle, but every client will also have different preferences and approaches to obtaining this goal. As a certified personal trainer, you will need to treat your clients on a case-by-case basis in order to determine what routine or diet is best for them.

    • Personal Skills

    Working as a personal trainer is definitely an interactive experience with the client. In order to be successful as a certified personal trainer, you must be able to motivate, communicate, and keep up with your clients.

    If these skill sets appeal to you and if you would like to learn about pursuing a certification in personal training, then the American Academy of Personal Training would love to work with you. If you would like to earn your fitness certification through training school, then be sure to visit us online or call us at (646) 213-2172.

    Dr. Steve Answers your questions!

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Hi Dr. Steve,

    I take multi-vitamins every day... but I heard that I should be breaking each vitamin in half - taking one in the morning and one at night. Is this true?





    Todd, some people recommend splitting a vitamin in half to keep the blood levels consistent  thorughout the day .. But it`s not really necessary.  Water soluble vitamins can be found in the urine 12 hours after you take them.  Some people break their vitamins in half to prevent nausea or an upset stomach.  That may also help.  In general, you should take your vitamins as prescribed. .. Meaning once a day.  Fat soluble vitamins like a, d, and e are best taken with foods.. The others.. Water soluble vitamins like vitamins b and c can be taken at any time.

    Hi Dr. Steve,

    I`m a college student and I find myself to overeat when I`m stressed. I hate that food is constantly on my mind. What can I do to break this habit?





    Many people get a craving for food when they`re stressed out.. That`s where the word comfort food comes from.  Your stress levels go up.. And you crave carbs.  It`s a very common problem.  There are two things you can to do to fix this.  Number one... Manage your stress.  You can do that with exercise.. Yoga, and meditation.  If you`re studying .. Take a break.. Anything that will help reduce your stress.  The second thing to do is remove any temptation from  your dorm or apartment.  Replace all fattening junk food with healthy snacks.. This way if you need to munch on something it will be something healthy.

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