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    Some other great places to learn about being a personal trainer!

    Last updated 6 years ago

    A career in personal training is an excellent way to advance your skills in fitness. Personal training career paths offer a diverse area of specializations and opportunity. The educational program that you select will shape the beginning of your new career and lay the foundation for an array of future opportunities. To assist you in beginning this bright, new vocation, here are some links that can guide you along your journey into a rewarding career as a personal trainer

    • Here’s a link to a great resource that will give you some tips for the National Council on Strength & Fitness, a governing board for personal training. The link will give you exam preparation materials and training ideas.
    • Nutrition is an important factor in overall health and fitness. This link is a great source of nutritional and dietary information for anyone looking to improve eating habits.  If you’re looking to incorporate a balanced workout for your clientele, see this site for more details.
    • Gym etiquette is an important part of the gym culture. Just like eating a fancy restaurant, there are social taboos to avoid. Here is a great resource that will explain some of the do’s and don’ts of the gym.
    • Knowing what to bring to a gym usually only takes a bit of common sense, but sometimes we overlook things that can really be an advantage. The most important thing you can bring to a gym is a training journal. While towels, snacks, and change of clothing may be needed, a training journal will ensure that your progress is detailed and your performance is always being challenged.
    • A circuit training workout is one of the best ways to burn fat and increase muscle tone. Here you’ll find samples and ideas that will help you formulate your own circuit training workout, designed to produce results.

    Choosing & Becoming a Personal Trainer: Personal Training Certifications

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Becoming a personal trainer is a difficult process and there are many aspects to consider. How do I get enrolled? What programs are accredited? How do I get certified?

    This video offers some vital need-to-know information that everyone should have to get started on the road towards a fulfilling career as a personal trainer. Certifications, courses, and testing programs are all covered to give the future titan of fitness a little bit of extra muscle when embarking on their journey.

    If you’re looking for guidance as you begin your career in fitness, contact the professional staff here at the American Academy of Personal Training. Our staff will give you the best advice that will have you in the career of your dreams in no time.

    What You've Got to Know to Become a Certified Personal Trainer

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Fitness is one of the pivotal foundations in people’s lives. Gyms are consistently packed, bicycles flood the shoulders of roads and highways, and parks are crawling with 5am joggers. More and more people are becoming aware of the health implications of sedentary lifestyles and are choosing to get proactive. A career as a certified fitness trainer is wonderful way to stay in shape and guide people as they transform their lives. The following is a list of things to consider as you begin your career in personal fitness.

    Educational Benchmarks

    A personal training career encompasses a range of topics related to the science community. Prior knowledge of kinematics, physiology, and anatomy will give you the needed edge as you apply for certifications and training programs. Clients will respond well to a well versed, knowledgeable trainer that can explain the mechanics of each exercise.

    Choosing a Certification Program

    There are many opportunities for personal training cert programs. Most personal training schools require a high school diploma, a current CPR certification card, and offer access to highly reputable certification programs.

    Finding a Specialty

    An important thing to consider after becoming certified is that there are many avenues through which personal trainers can continue their physical training education. Try becoming certified in a specialty field to bolster your resume and expand your clientele rolodex.

    Employment Options

    Insure yourself after your fitness certification program to protect yourself from liability and client accidents. Seek opportunities in local fitness centers or spas which are usually in need of qualified applicants. If you have enough collateral to fund gym supplies and exercise space, then consider opening your own fitness training facility.

    A career as a certified personal trainer is a path that will continue to reward. The options available to personal trainers allow for broad career diversions and specializations. If you’re considering a new, rewarding career in personal fitness, then contact us at the American Academy of Personal Training. Our flexible class schedules and curriculum will prepare you for your career as a certified personal trainer. Visit our website to learn more about your educational opportunities.

    I enjoyed and learned so much!

    Last updated 6 years ago

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    • I enjoyed and learned so much from this program. My instructor, Ciaran Cribbs, was a great teacher and I recommended this program to all of my friends and colleagues.

      Natalie Gondre

    4 Aspects of Personal Training that Will Benefit Your Clients

    Last updated 6 years ago

    A fitness certification is only the beginning of a wonderful and rewarding career in the physical training field. Continuing your physical education is a great way to market your skills as a knowledgeable and credible trainer with experience to offer. Personal training certifications are the beginning, but if you are looking for ways to increase aspects of your fitness skill set, consider these ideas.

    1.      Personality

    Your training style will be the number one determinate of how your clients react to their personal training experience. Be the certified fitness trainer that is disciplined, but knows when encouraging words are needed to boost morale.

    2.      Nutrition

    Knowledge of proper nutrition will give clients a better understanding of the factors that influence their health and dietary needs. A personal trainer with nutritional expertise can give their clients with a total wellness package that will produce more efficient results.

    3.      Physiology

    Correct assessment of your client’s physiological capabilities is crucial to their success in your training program. Consider their age, overall health, and physical restrictions when preparing their workout routines. A complete physiological analysis will mean that they are performing at their maximum potential without putting themselves at risk.

    4.      Biomechanics

    A study of the external and internal forces acting upon a biological system will help a trainer’s client achieve greater results. Whether it’s the physics associated with different lifting techniques or the kinematics involved in aerobic exercise, a thorough knowledge of biological systems in motion will give a certified fitness trainer a better understanding of his client’s performance.

    There are many ways a fitness trainer can expand their skills to fill the needs of their clients. A broad understanding of the biological response to exercise and dietary intake will allow a trainer to service their clients to reach their goals. If you have an interest in expanding your fitness skills, then visit the American Academy of Personal Training. Our talented staff of professionals can get you started on track at the personal training school of your dreams.

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