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Today's Health Tip: More Sleep!

Last updated 6 years ago

Here's today's health tip from Dr. Steve Salvatore of the American Academy of Personal Training:

Americans are not getting enough sleep and sometimes with dangerous consequences.  Two reports from the centers of disease control and prevention suggest that most adults are getting less than seven hours of sleep a night.  Up to 70-million adults report chronic sleep issues that are enough to cause them to nod off during the day.  Many experts suggest that this is a public health crisis.

Most people don't understand or appreciate the risks of not getting enough sleep.  We almost wear it as a badge of honor.  Sleep deprivation impacts every aspect of our daily routine, how we take care of our families, our personal finances and how we perform at work.  It's responsible for so many accidents and mistakes.  But the most serious of these risks is drowsy driving, and that's where it can be fatal.  According to the department of transportation, about 1,500 people die each year from falling asleep behind the wheel and 40,000 are injured.   Men are more likely to fall asleep at the wheel than women and people ages 25 to 34 were the most likely to say they'd fallen asleep while driving.

According to the CDC, many of us are more tired because of new trends such as the increased use of technology and more people working night shifts. Women are having the worst time trying to get enough rest; they reported sleep related challenges get in the way of their daily activities.

The national sleep foundation suggests that healthy adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep per day, and school-age children might require 10 to 11 hours of sleep.  If you're having trouble sleeping, try not to eat 2 to 3 hours before bedtime, stay away from stimulants like caffeine and nicotine and don't drink alcohol, it can disrupt your sleep.

For more health tips and information, visit us online at or call us at (917) 338-3472.  The American Academy of Personal Training is dedicated to helping people build a successful career in the health, fitness and wellness industry.  Our graduates represent a new breed of health, fitness and wellness professional that are making a profound impact in the industry. Join us today and start your career!


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