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Dr. Steve Answers your questions!

Last updated 6 years ago

Hi Dr. Steve,

I take multi-vitamins every day... but I heard that I should be breaking each vitamin in half - taking one in the morning and one at night. Is this true?





Todd, some people recommend splitting a vitamin in half to keep the blood levels consistent  thorughout the day .. But it`s not really necessary.  Water soluble vitamins can be found in the urine 12 hours after you take them.  Some people break their vitamins in half to prevent nausea or an upset stomach.  That may also help.  In general, you should take your vitamins as prescribed. .. Meaning once a day.  Fat soluble vitamins like a, d, and e are best taken with foods.. The others.. Water soluble vitamins like vitamins b and c can be taken at any time.

Hi Dr. Steve,

I`m a college student and I find myself to overeat when I`m stressed. I hate that food is constantly on my mind. What can I do to break this habit?





Many people get a craving for food when they`re stressed out.. That`s where the word comfort food comes from.  Your stress levels go up.. And you crave carbs.  It`s a very common problem.  There are two things you can to do to fix this.  Number one... Manage your stress.  You can do that with exercise.. Yoga, and meditation.  If you`re studying .. Take a break.. Anything that will help reduce your stress.  The second thing to do is remove any temptation from  your dorm or apartment.  Replace all fattening junk food with healthy snacks.. This way if you need to munch on something it will be something healthy.


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